Bush KOs liberal ?nuisance' - Zach Porter

Imagine you're relaxing at a fine Egyptian resort in the Sinai, you're out by the pool nibbling on some fresh dates, waiting for a fresh cup of coffee to be delivered by a hotel attendant. It's a gorgeous day and you think you might make a day trip to see those amazing pyramids. You're about to bring another succulent date to your mouth when..... an explosion rocks through the hotel behind you sending debris helter-skelter, a deathly black plum of smoke fills the air. Are your family and friends gone? Are others lying lifeless around you? Are you covered in shattered glass? Do you weep while trying to help others to safety? Maybe so. But if you're John Kerry, apparently you dust the glass off your jacket and look around for your hairstylist while exclaiming, "What a nuisance!" Terrorism has never been a nuisance to those who have experienced it directly and it is certainly a bad idea to suggest that the value of certain lives lost in an act of terror, may it be in New York or Israel, are events to be categorized as a nuisance.

During the 90's (under the Clinton administration) terrorism was regarded in much the same way as John Kerry sees it until it finally hit home in 2001 (you know the day). Clinton may have retaliated for the bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania but he is on the record as not taking Osama bin Laden into U.S. custody when he had the chance. He called the issue a "hot potato." How cute is that, charming even? No doubt he was using that charm to his advantage in the oval office while Osama was plotting the death of thousands of Americans from his cave of terror.

In last night's final presidential debate John Kerry attacked President Bush on statements he made about not being concerned with the whereabouts of bin Laden. While the quotes are accurate they are a half truth, not reflecting the fact that Osama had been rendered impotent and marginalized by that point. It's impossible to guess whether or not Sept. 11th (or a similar tragedy) could have been prevented if Osama bin Laden had been contained in the late 1990's when Clinton clearly had the chance to cook that "hot potato," but it would have been worth a shot. If Clinton had acted during his administration Kerry and Bush would not be debating the whereabouts of the terrorist mastermind today.

John Kerry may have won the first debate a few weeks ago, but the final debate definitely goes to Bush. While Bush was impassioned and personable, while Kerry still looked as though he was auditioning for an Orbits commercial, you know, the ones where people get smacked up side the head with a load of dirt and then grin from ear to ear as if the experience had been refreshing. When he wasn't smiling, he was promising big government programs to help us all. Liberals listening heard John Kerry say: "I'm going to help you do several things that I know would be to hard and stressful for you to do yourself." Conservatives heard Kerry say: " I'm going to raise taxes on you to help all the people who don't see fit to help or take care of themselves."

Bush was resolute on issues like health care and social security. He rightly questioned Kerry where all this money would come from for his many promised programs. The implied answer is more taxes from your paycheck. Kerry summed his leftist views up when he announced that he would never reform social security. Bush knows that in the long run this must be accomplished, people should be able to save that money in their own personal accounts, stash it under the floorboards, invest it in real estate, or spend it on wine, women, and song if they are not concerned about their financial future. The bottom line is that social security won't cut it and we have to save and invest anyway, working with what has already been extracted from our paychecks by the government and spent on who knows what. It's not as if we will be given a key to our own special lock box containing all our social security money when we retire. Kerry is basically saying that he has no interest in the taxpayers planning their own financial stability because we are too incompetent to do it ourselves and the government shall do it for us. This is the sad truth about Democrats, they have no faith in the American people to do for themselves. Babying everyone with more programs seems to be the answer for these "Mother Hens."

If you believe in yourself and your education, if you think that saving your paycheck is more important than spending it on a Friday night six pack and a carton of cigarettes, then vote for Bush. If you think that Democrats should develop a program to teach your kids how to tie their own shoes because you are too busy boozing it up, then cast your vote for Kerry (if you can read the ballot).

Let's hope that after the general election John Kerry will be little more than a "nuisance" and we can forget all about him.

Zach Porter is a photographer with the News Daily. He can be reached at (770) 478-5753 ex. 248 or at zporter@news-daily.com .