News for Friday, October 22, 2004


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Several teams finding success this season - Doug Gorman

It's hard to believe the fall high school sports seasons are quickly coming to an end.

Moore comedy, less truth - Zach Porter

Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 is a really hilarious film. Watching some of its opening scenes, like the one where Bush asks "anybody want some grits?" I can't help but double over in a fit of laughter. And who could forget song and dance man John Ashcroft gracing our ears with, "Let the Eagle Soar." What a great comedy! But wait a minute, it's not supposed to be a comedy, it's a "documentary."

Doing it my way in New York again - Kathy Jefcoats

Well, folks, I am headed off to New York again but this time I am flying. For the first time. Not the first time flying to New York but the first time flying ever. I always think that makes me sound like such a hick but it's true. Someone asked me once, "You mean you've never been on vacation?" I said, "Of course, idiot, I just never went anywhere I couldn't drive to."

Trapped in the airport - Justin Boron

Have you ever been trapped in an airport before? Stuck in some airport far away from your home, waiting for a flight that seems like it will never leave. A lot of people have, and I don't claim to be any expert on the matter even though it's happened to me on numerous occasions, but I think I've got some insight into it that not a lot of people have reached.

Remembering baseball at its best - April Avison

I was one of many who tuned in to watch the playoff games between the Braves and the Houston Astros over the past couple of weeks. I was torn, you see, because I grew up in Texas, a die-hard Astros fan but have lived in Atlanta long enough to establish an allegiance to the Braves.

A visit to Ground Zero - Bob Paslay

I had not given much thought to how I would feel when I finally stood at the stark open space that once housed the World Trade Center.

Green goes for 100th victory in dogfight

By Jeffery Armstrong

Give them a cheer

By Justin Boron

Lady Cardinals stay close to home for sectionals

By Doug Gorman

Well ... here I go again - Ed Brock

Well, I'm leaving the country.

Christmas and Easter baseball fan - Rob Felt

Postseason baseball is here, so I'm a fan again.

'Big Easy' makes life simple for Lovejoy

By Anthony Rhoads

Robert Cornelius (Bob) Bentley


North Clayton clinches playoff spot

By Jeffery Armstrong

Fess up and I'll vote for you - Greg Gelpi

Political parties are like religions.

Pets of the Week

Lazlo is a 3-month-old tabby domestic medium-hair. He has been neutered and vaccinations are current. When he was only a few weeks old, Lazlo became a victim of animal cruelty when he was tossed from a moving vehicle. Luckily, his injuries were minor and he recuperated quickly. He's a sweet kitten who craves human attention. For adoption information call the Clayton County Humane Society at (770) 471-9436.

Teacher pushes love of books

By Justin Boron

Jonesboro forming panel for downtown

By Ed Brock

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Communicating from the basement - Todd Defeo

Every weekend, my dad makes his way to the basement and takes a seat at a desk tucked away in the corner. Flipping on switches and a light, he prepares to talk to strangers around the world.

Resolution makes county eligible for grants

By Justin Boron