Ware's son charged in dog bite

By Ed Brock

The son of outgoing Clayton County Board of Education Chairwoman Nedra Ware has been served with charges in connection with a dog attack on a 10-year-old girl.

On Sunday the girl, Erica Thomas, was riding her bicycle on Creekridge Circle where Ware and Thomas live near Jonesboro when the dog, a pit bull terrier, chased her down and bit her on her leg and arm. Nobody was home at Ware's house when the incident occurred but police later determined that the dog belonged to Ryan Ware, Nedra Ware's 18-year-old son, Clayton County Police Capt. Jeff Turner said.

"He is the sole caretaker of the dog so that makes him responsible," Turner said.

Just before noon on Wednesday Ryan Ware went to Clayton County Animal Control and picked up the misdemeanor charges against him, Turner said. Those charges are having a dog without a valid tag, having a dog running at large and having an animal creating a nuisance.

Previously Nedra Ware said somebody must have entered the back yard at her house and left the gate open. Ryan Ware could not be reached for comment.

Ryan Ware also faces a misdemeanor charge of obstructing an officer in connection with another incident. He is scheduled for a 6-person jury trial on Jan. 18, 2005 on that charge.

Ware did not present paperwork showing that the dog had been vaccinated.

"Unless he can show those documents (Thomas) will have to complete a course of rabies shots," Turner said.

Thomas' mother Terrie Thomas could not be reached for comment on Wednesday. Previously she said that her daughter had suffered mentally and physically and she planned to sue Nedra Ware.

The dog remains at Clayton County Animal Control in 10-day quarantine. If the dog is declared dangerous Ryan Ware will have 14 days to appeal.