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An unprecedented road trip - Justin Boron

I stood at my front door as my friend and his brother pulled into my driveway. We were about to embark on an unprecedented journey.

Presidential election column mad lib - Rob Felt

Tired of reading the opinions of some columnist you don't agree with? Then use this handy mad lib and rant up your very own partisan diatribe!

Delta Air Lines bankruptcy would be hard

By Ed Brock


October 29, 2004

Kendrick pulls the Trigger in overtime

By AnthonyRhoads

Greetings from New York - Kathy Jefcoats

Well, I made it. I completed my first airplane ride, from Atlanta to NYC, Saturday and am now sitting in the business center of the hotel where I am staying in New York. I am on Long Island so I take the train n Long Island Railroad n into the "the city," Manhattan. I will be here all week and will return back to work Monday. But I am not thinking of that right now. I am in the city I love and having a ball.

Trick-or-Treating safety tips

By Ed Brock

There and back again - Ed Brock

We were sitting on rough-hewn, upended logs that served as stools, eating ramen noodles at a cozy little place near my in-laws' house in Chiba, Japan.

Is Halloween on Halloween?

By Ed Brock

?Fahrenheit' only strengthens political views

By Greg Gelpi

Campers hunker down for race

By Justin Boron

Simple instrument: Just stand up and bail out - Zach Porter

In the past year I've had several opportunities at my job to fly in a plane for a photograph. But never have I had, or will probably have the opportunity to fly in a World War II era vintage Boeing Stearman bi-plane. On Wednesday morning I took to the skies over the Atlanta Motor Speedway in this historic plane. I even got to ride in the front seat.

Seay, Mullin make push

By Justin Boron

Spontaneity breeds truth - Greg Gelpi

There's a certain honesty in spontaneity.

Just wondering about a few things - Bob Paslay

This close to the election, I have decided that nothing I can say

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On the verge of perfection

By Anthony Rhoads

Tan: From clinches of communism to freedom

By Greg Gelpi