News for Friday, October 8, 2004


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College Park man suspect in Alabama killing

By Ed Brock

Gambling on almost nothing - Justin Boron

Hang your hair in your eyes and dance.

Education begins early with Smart Start

By Greg Gelpi

Domestic violence victims remembered

By Ed Brock

Man with cats guilty of prohibited treatment

From Staff Reports

Who's the winner? Not us? - Greg Gelpi

Who won? Certainly, not me. Certainly, not you.

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Former attorney sentenced for fraud

By Ed Brock

It may be rock 'n' roll, I still don't like it - Michael Davis

Whenever I hear The Who on the radio, I expect a car commercial. Whenever I hear the Rolling Stones, a TV commercial. Make it stop!

You can get anything you want - Rob Felt

You can get anything you want n not at Alice's Restaurant, at the Chinese buffet.

Play trombone, will travel

By Greg Gelpi

Hail to the Queensan - Ed Brock

While we continue our political wrangling, the Japanese have a real issue on their hands.

The view from an old codger - Bob Paslay

At the risk of being accused of flip-flopping, I think my opinion has changed greatly about the kid in Henry County who has been ordered to take all the metal out of his face because it is distracting.

Remembering Jennifer

By Justin Boron

Expanding their wings

By Anthony Rhoads

Another look at bully behavior - April Avison

I am continuously amazed at the growing number of "hazing" incidents reported in the news involving high school and college students. Where did young people learn that it is acceptable to beat the crap out of a fellow student?

Baby sister grows up, hits 40 today - Kathy Jefcoats

My baby sister turns 40 today. Guess that doesn't make her the baby anymore. I am the oldest of five and had a brother when my mother got pregnant again when I was 3. I hoped and wished so hard for a sister and was so happy when she was born. It is a miracle she made it this far. She had several scary health issues when she was a baby so that created an aura of fragility around her.

Living life in the past - Todd Defeo

More than once, I've been told, "You were born a century too late." And quite frankly, I think it's a valid statement.