Taxi regulations go into effect

By Justin Boron

Clayton County's new taxi cab regulations went into effect Wednesday, but had little impact on daily operations since companies located in unincorporated parts of the county do not have to comply until they apply for a new business license in 2005.

The new requirements include proof of insurance, an evaluation of the vehicle's condition, and $100,000 in liability insurance.

Drivers also will be required to post their fares and place a dome on the vehicle's roof, identifying it as a taxi.

The placement of tighter restrictions on the county's cabs was aimed, in part, to eliminate the operation of gypsy cabs in the county, said Barbara Deleshaw, the Clayton County supervisor of business licenses.

The rise in unmarked cabs in the county has made it difficult for legitimate cabs to compete, said Danny Nation, who owns City Cab of Forest Park.

Many taxi companies anticipate the required $100,000 in liability coverage to greatly affect their operations in 2005.