Skeletons in the president's closet - Zach Porter

One day it might be nice to run for president. But when I was little I stole a pack of gum from the grocery store. CNN or Fox news might pick up on that question my ability to lead this country. Thus far in my life I've never served in the military and thank God that I will not have to face any scrutiny over my nonexistent record. Not that it matters much, others would still be digging through the trash for anything to smear across the front page. Did I cheat on a test in the 9th grade? Oooohhhhh, got me!

What about you kind-hearted goody two-shoes people out there reading this? Could you run for president of the United States? What will we find in your trash can or buried deep within the closet behind those moth-eaten winter coats? I hope you never tried a drug or (gasp!) change your mind about an issue.

John Kerry changed his mind about the Vietnam war after coming home.

Guess what, he can actually do that here. This isn't Iraq, you can speak out against the government in America. If he lied to Congress about what he saw then shame on him, but how can I know for sure. Same goes for Bush. So what if he got a D.U.I in Maine years ago, does not one of you reading this have one yourself. And of those how many of you are presidents of companies, CEO's, and accomplished individuals.

Should your personal past affect your professional future so long as you're not a rapist, murder, or terrorist?

All of this garbage on TV is clouding the main issues. I want to know what a candidate's policies are, not all aspects of their personal life.

I could be wrong but sometimes I see the national media as being a hindrance to the truth and the facts. So I urge all of you reading this who have never told a lie, changed their mind, had an impure thought, fallen down on the job, or sinned before God, please consider running for public office. And if you're extra squeaky clean then maybe run for president of the United States of America.

Zach Porter is a photographer with the News Daily and can be reached at (770) 478-5753 Ext. 248 or at zporter@news-daily.com .