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Lend a hand to a good cause - April Avison

It's inspiring to read the story in today's paper about young McKenzie Hudgins making an $18,000 donation to A Friend's House. We could learn a lot from this 12-year-old girl.

Hudgins, the daughter of Gerald and Jo Hudgins, earned the money selling a steer that was shown in a 4-H show. She could have used that money for any selfish purpose, but her kind donation will likely make a huge difference for our local children's shelter.

At A Friend's House sixth anniversary fundraiser Friday night, McKenzie made her donation. Her father apparently gave each of his three children a steer with the provision that when the steer is sold, 25 percent of the proceeds goes to charity.

That's pretty impressive. Children need to learn while they're young the importance of giving back to their community. There are so many good causes to which we can contribute, and many of them desperately need our help.

Haven House battered women's shelter is in constant need of financial assistance. Noah's Ark Rehabilitation Center just experienced major storm damage, and is in need of financial contributions and volunteer labor. The Eagle's Landing Country Club charity ball, coming up on Oct. 22, will raise money for Safe House, an Atlanta-based ministry that helps homeless, abuse victims and rehabilitated drug addicts.

I think it's important to make a contribution to one of these causes I also think it's incredibly important to foster that sense of volunteerism in your children. People who grow up with that sort of giving spirit will keep it with them for the rest of their lives. How beautiful our society would be if everyone gave a little more to those in need.

There are so many people with ridiculous amounts of money who spend it on jewelry and home furnishings while there are people in downtown Atlanta living in cardboard boxes.

And those of us who don't have a whole lot of extra money to spare can volunteer to help one of these organizations. It doesn't take much time to offer some help, and the rewards are astronomical. Check out some of the volunteer opportunities that frequently appear in this newspaper and lend a hand.

April Avison is the city editor of the Daily Herald. Her column appears on Mondays. She can be reached at (770) 957-9161 or via e-mail at .