Register to vote, get a dance

By Bob Paslay

Only days after Jesse Jackson urged everyone to register to vote, one Clayton County strip club is kicking off its own voter registration drive.

The Crazy Horse Salon will hold a two-week voter registration drive starting Friday.

Because of the nature of the business, general manager David Rashmir said, "We are aware it might create a backlash but every vote counts."

The club which caters to a decidedly adult audience has 300 customers a day and as many as 150 dancers, bartenders and others working at the club, he said.

Rashmir said no one is being asked how he or she will vote when they are being registered.

He said no specific goal is being set.

Besides free T-shirts, mugs and other giveaways, the club is adding one incentive that some regulars might be hard pressed to resist.

Anyone who registers to vote will get a free tabletop dance, Rashmir said.

In order to register voters, two people are being deputized, the club's disc jockey and a retired Delta Air Lines employee.

Rashmir said the voter drive might sound a little odd for a business like a strip club, but he said the club supports youth baseball and the local senior citizens center.

"We're a legal business and we bend over backwards to help when we can," he said.