Jonesboro man killed in his home

By April Avison

A 64-year-old Jonesboro man was shot and killed in his home Saturday morning.

Timothy William Mathis, 33, of Newnan, was arrested and charged with the murder of Jonathan Roy Worley of 801 Dogwood Trail, Jonesboro.

"At approximately 9:15 Saturday morning we got a call from the Coweta County Sheriff's Office advising us that they had received a phone call from the suspect's girlfriend," said Clayton County Police Capt. Jeff Turner. "He had told her he killed a man who lived across the street from his mother's house."

Turner said the two men knew each other and were "drinking buddies" but got into an argument that morning because "supposedly the victim was making inappropriate comments about his sister dating African Americans."

Officers made forced entry into Worley's home and found him lying on his back in the living room with two apparent gunshot wounds to his chest.

The suspect stole Worley's Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck and fled to Atlanta, Turner said.

"While in Atlanta he went through a flooded area and flooded the truck, so he abandoned the truck and went to a nearby Waffle House where he called his sister," Turner said. "His sister picked him up and took him to the Hapeville Bus Station and bought him a bus ticket to go to Jacksonville, Fla. He called his girlfriend back and told her he was about to go to Jacksonville."

The girlfriend then called Coweta County Sheriff's Department, which contacted Clayton County police. Turner said Clayton authorities contacted Hapeville police, and Hapeville officers arrested Mathis at the bus station.

"They turned him back over to us and he confessed to the murder," Turner said.

Mathis is expected to appear in court today.