Commission to discuss airport ownership

By Justin Boron

The Board of Commissioners will discuss a possible inter-governmental agreement with Henry County to share ownership of Tara Field today in a special-called meeting at the Clayton County Water Authority's Shamrock community-use facility.

Clayton officials have expressed concern in Henry County's recent interest in the airport, citing inequities between the two governments in the amount of time and money that has been spent on the airport.

Recently, the Henry County Board of Commissioners set aside $603,000 to pay interest on the possible $13 million purchase of the land surrounding the airport.

County Commission Chairman Crandle Bray said the purchase could even the playing field concerning the investments each side has put in.

The county commission also will discuss storm water management regulations and give an update on the Mt. Zion Revitalization project.

The commission will hold its regular business meeting at 9 a.m. where they plan to act on $995,940 in SPLOST funds for the widening of Richardson Parkway and approve the purchase of at least 49 vehicles for fleet maintenance.