Brother accused in sister's kidnapping

By Ed Brock

A Riverdale woman told police her brother tied her up, kidnapped her and left her in a storm shelter behind an abandoned house in Alabama.

Mississippi police are still looking for Frederick Aubrey McCaskell, 33, after capturing his girlfriend and alleged accomplice in the kidnapping, 25-year-old Carolyn Suzanne Maloney, following an early-morning chase near Raleigh, Miss. on Tuesday, Clayton County Police Capt. Jeff Turner said.

McCaskell, Maloney and the victim, 41-year-old Yvettra Parker, all lived together at Parker's house on Willow Twig Road, according to a police report by Clayton County Police Sgt. Ken Waits.

Parker told Waits that around 11:30 p.m. Sunday she told McCaskell to turn down the radio in his room where Maloney was also present. McCaskell then came out of his room and began arguing with Parker, according to Waits.

The argument escalated to the point where Parker told McCaskell she was going to call the police. McCaskell then supposedly grabbed Parker and held her on the bed, threatening to beat and kill her, and then called to Maloney for help.

Maloney brought some rope and McCaskell wrapped the rope around Parker's neck, choking her. After loosening up the rope McCaskell then threatened Parker with a switchblade knife.

During the struggle McCaskell also threw Parker's dog against the wall, but the dog survived.

According to Waits McCaskell and Maloney then tied Parker with the rope and electric tape, put a sock in her mouth and covered her mouth with duct tape. They put her in the back of her 2003 Ford Explorer, covered her with a piece of cardboard and started driving toward Alabama. On the way they talked about going to Mexico.

In Colbert County, Ala., they left Parker in the storm shelter. She later freed herself and was able to walk to the road where she found assistance.

Around 2 a.m. Tuesday McCaskell and Maloney, still driving the Explorer, ran through a random roadblock near Raleigh, Miss.

The local police chased them and during the chase the Explorer crashed. Both occupants ran from the vehicle and Maloney was caught at the scene, Turner said.

McCaskell escaped into some nearby woods but he is believed to have stolen a white Nissan pickup from a residence around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, Raleigh Police Chief Chuck McKinley said. They have issued a statewide lookout for the truck, McKinley added.

"We not sure if he's trying to get back to Alabama," McKinley said.

McCaskell and Maloney are from Florence, Ala., one county north of Colbert County, said Colbert County Sheriff Ronnie May. May and Turner said they had no previous criminal history with McCaskell.