Police investigate gunshots at school

By Ed Brock

Clayton County police are looking hard for whoever shot two holes in the door of a modular classroom at Adamson Middle School in Rex.

The first shot was fired on Sept. 15 while the school's student resource officer and administrators were investigating reports that three students had been playing with a gun on the school bus that morning, according to the SRO, Clayton County Police Officer Marc Richard's report.

While Richards was questioning two students believed to have had the gun on the bus he received an e-mail from a teacher who said she had heard a loud noise outside her classroom and went outside to find a hole in the door.

Police found a small-caliber slug in the door.

On Tuesday around 2 p.m. another teacher discovered a second hole in the same door, Clayton County Police Capt. Jeff Turner said, but police have no timeframe on when the shot was fired that made that hole.

In the first incident three students were questioned after other students reported that they had had the gun on the bus, but none of them were charged with a crime. All three admitted to having seen a gun on the bus and touching it, but they said it wasn't real.

A security video from the bus showed all three passing a "something shiny and metallic" back and forth but it did not show which student had the object when they got off the bus.

No gun was recovered.

According to Richards the school disciplined the students and their parents were notified. Turner said the criminal investigation into the incident is still ongoing.

Turner said the second incident is being "aggressively investigated" and the person responsible could face charges including firing a gun in a residential area.