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Democrats in the air, duck! - Rob Felt

Atlanta finally has some of that liberal media bias that ultra-conservatives are always talking about. No no, not Dan Rather. Last week Air America launched its Atlanta affiliate, Air Atlanta 1690 AM, and now all the cranky Bush supporters really have someone to get mad at. In addition to being secretly dissatisfied with their President, that is.

Runners take their turns at racetrack

By Greg Gelpi

Technology has gone too far - April Avison

Can you imagine receiving an e-mail from a deceased loved one? That's the proposal being made by a Spanish Internet company, offering people "the chance to write one last e-mail, complete with video clip or photo attachments, and send it to loved ones, friends or even enemies after the person who wrote it is dead."

Arabs hate us and we don't know why - Bob Paslay

ABC interviews vendors in open markets in Baghdad and they report the No. 1-selling DVD is the beheading of Americans taken from Arab Web sites.

Katherine McCurry

Mrs. Katherine O. McCurry, 83, of Rex, passed away Tuesday, September 14, 2004 at the A. G. Rhodes Home in Atlanta. Mrs. McCurry was born May 4, 1921 in Fulton County, to the late Cleveland Bartow Scott and the late Flora Leon Morgan Scott.

A weakness for Halloween - Justin Boron

Some people might complain about the early arrival of Halloween paraphernalia, but it's exhilarating for me. I say bring it in as early as August. In fact, there should be an advance holiday that marks the beginning of Halloween season. Just like Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season, I think Aug. 31 should kick off Halloween.

Nonmilitary targets no less than murder - Greg Gelpi

Killing is killing, and a life is a life, but distinction must be made in Iraq.

Lady Cardinals win county softball tournament

By Doug Gorman

On the rudeness of hurricanes - Ed Brock

In the way of most natural disasters, Hurricane Ivan showed total disrespect for the schedules of mere mortals.

Proposed legislation could score airport money

By Justin Boron

Voter registration not enough

By Ed Brock

Larry Fred Huggins

Mr. Larry Fred Huggins, 64, of McDonough, died Sept. 24, 2004, at Southern Regional Medical Center.

Kidnapping suspect remains at large

By Ed Brock

Engaging the Muslim vote - Zach Porter

Who, in the upcoming election, will American-Muslims vote for? Will they vote for a presidential candidate at all? On the one hand John Kerry's waffling and is not conducive to the decisiveness Islam prescribes but on the other hand most Muslims are not too happy with George W. Bush's war in Iraq and broader war on terror rhetoric.

Mercer offering new master's degree program

By Todd DeFeo

Family denies relationship in Jonesboro killing

By Ed Brock

Dorsey's record day leads Dogs past Stone Mountain

By Jeffery Armstrong

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Lowell Davis

Mr. Lowell Davis, 78, of Jonesboro, passed away Thursday, Sept. 23, 2004.

Find somewhere off the beaten path - Todd DeFoe

There's two ways to reach any destination n the main roads and somewhere off the beaten path.

Donald Henry Lee

Mr. Donald Henry Lee, 51, of Hampton, died Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2004.