Lovejoy to discuss trash service

By Justin Boron

The Lovejoy Mayor and City Council will hold a called meeting tonight at 6 to determine how it will provide garbage collection services for the city.

The addition of garbage collection would be the third service the city provides and would qualify it to be a "certified city," said Lovejoy Mayor Joe Murphy.

Lovejoy provides fire protection through a contract with the county and has a library in place that will open in December.

The county provides the city's water, sewer, and police services.

Murphy said privatization of trash pickup through a city contract is a likely option.

But there is talk of the city creating its own garbage service, he said.

Council member Arlie Aukerman said he opposes the addition of garbage collection because many of his constituents already take care of their own trash.

"A lot of residents that I represent are on fixed incomes," he said. "$10 to $15 means a lot to them."