More than 25 involved in Kendrick fight

By Greg Gelpi

About 20 students are expected to be charged in connection to a fight that broke out at Kendrick Middle School Wednesday morning.

More than 25 students were involved in the fight that fell along racial lines as Hispanic students fought with black students, Clayton County Police Capt. Jeff Turner said.

The students were eighth-graders and charges will include being involved in an affray, disrupting a public school and battery.

Christina Ramirez, a Kendrick Middle School parent, said that her daughter was punched in the back of the neck during the fight.

When some black students tried to find a particular Hispanic student, they asked his Hispanic friends where he was at, but they wouldn't say, Ramirez said.

They then tried to start a fight with the Hispanic boys, but they wouldn't retaliate, she said. To draw them into a fight, Ramirez said they punched two Hispanic girls, including her daughter. A fight ensued in the hallway as more than 25 students joined in.

One student pulled out a knife and cut another on the hand, Ramirez said.

Although there was talk of a knife, Turner said that no knife was found.

Ramirez said that the incident occurred in the morning, but wasn't informed by school officials until 4:30 p.m. when her daughter missed the bus.

"It raises concern about how safe our children are in schools," Ramirez said. "They lack the security they need to have control of students."