Victim's family thanks everyone

To the editor:

The family of Michael Patrick Rudy would like to thank all those involved with the capture, trial and subsequent conviction of Kami Anise Faison and Kelsey Lee Hall.

The Henry County Police Department, the District Attorney's Office, Mr. Tommy Floyd, and all the others who have been a part of bringing these horrendous people to justice. Our heartfelt thanks to all of you, and to Lorraine and Evelyn of the Victims Office, thanks for sitting with us and explaining the little details to us. These two are something special and should be appreciated by any who need their services.

It has been a long ordeal for our family, but with the plea bargains of Kami Faison and Kelsey Hall, our family can now begin to get on with our lives. Again, thanks to Tommy Floyd for keeping us in the loop so that we had a part in the plea agreements. Our family is satisfied that justice was served. Taking the life of either one would not have brought our son back, and we believe that Michael would feel that we did the right thing.

It is always easier to second guess people, after the fact, and we will never know for sure what was in the hearts and minds of these two when they committed this act. But even without that knowledge, and knowing what a kind and caring person our son Michael was, we did what we thought he would want us to do. We are not angels, nor always very Christ-like in our beliefs, but we want the police officers and the D.A.'s office to know that our decisions were based more on what Michael would have wanted, than in our own beliefs. We honored our son the best we could.

We thank those who have donated to the Michael P. Rudy Memorial Foundation. We hope that by helping others we will carry on Michael's gift of caring for others.

Mark S. Alexander,

Susan E. Alexander,

Heather M. Miller,

Robert C. Alexander