Rejects praise for Day

To the editor:

Response to writer praising (Jonesboro) Mayor Day.

Please come out from behind your hedges and face the real world. Any city should see improvements over a 100-year period and the City of Jonesboro has seen many. However, none have been tax free.

Governments do not produce any revenue other than through taxation. Whether in the form of property taxes, income taxes, excise taxes, death taxes, gas taxes, sales taxes, business taxes, fire taxes, garbage disposal taxes, etc. every penny governments receive comes through some form of taxation. Governments sometimes hide behind names such as user fees, administrative fees, etc. but these are still a tax. Governments are not productive entities.

Politicians sometimes use terms such as "free grant money" to try to convince the uninformed that they are getting something for nothing. The knowledgeable among us realize that this is simply not true. There are no "free lunches." Someone has to pay and that someone is the taxpayer.

If Mayor Day is such an outstanding mayor, why have we seen city services deteriorate to the point of extinction during her "reign?" Wait until you get your property tax bill from the county and you will see exactly how "free" our fire department services are. How can this be less expensive than a non-paid volunteer fire department that was providing excellent services, serviced only the city for the most part, and had every address and street name committed to memory, thus ensuring faster response times? Why did we build a new multi-million dollar fire station at the expense of the citizens of Jonesboro only to turn it over to the county for a nominal rental fee that does not cover debt service and insurance costs?

Why is each residence being assessed with a garbage tax even though some of these houses are rental houses and are unoccupied? These unoccupied houses are not generating any garbage and yet the owners of these houses are being charged for a service they do not have any need for. Yet the Code Enforcement officer is writing citations and hauling people into city court resulting in lost wages and possible fines. Your fine mayor made no provisions in the sanitation contract for the very poor in our city to be able to share a garbage can thus reducing their monthly costs by half. These cans are so huge that they will hold at least two weeks of garbage accumulation for a normal family and probably a month's worth for one-person families.

We have fought wars, lost many lives, and shed much blood to defend our freedom in this great country. Yet the mayor you praise so much is doing her utmost to "Hitlerize" the city of Jonesboro. The citizens should not and will not stand for this trampling of our rights. Do the mayor and council not remember "government of the people, by the people, for the people?"

The mayor and council would do well to remember that while we admit that for years we have been "asleep at the wheel," we are now wide awake and watching every move you make. Rest assured, we will never be "asleep" again.

The mayor has stated several times that the city is "broke." I hope she understands that the citizens know full well on whose watch this atrocity occurred.

Roger Grider