'Love triangle' ends in killing

By Justin Boron

Charlotte Harris bent over at the knees, cradled her head in her hands, and bellowed an anguished wail in Jonesboro Friday morning. Her lover, Elisha Nicole Brown, 24, of College Park had just been fatally shot by an enraged ex-girlfriend, in what police say amounted to a deadly "love triangle."

Harris wandered aimlessly on Magnolia Drive, screaming for someone to take her to the hospital, while Kimberly Taylor, 23, was transported to police headquarters for interrogation.

She was later charged with the murder, said Clayton County Police Capt. Jeff Turner.

As police arrived, a crowd of neighbors, awakened by the gunfire, converged on the street which had been the scene of a stabbing earlier in the week.

Isaias Torrez, 19, said the neighborhood had seen some violence in the past as he watched the commotion.

"Things happen here," he said.

Friday's killing happened after Brown had left jail in College Park, Turner said.

Harris picked her up in the morning and the two were enjoying a cigarette in the front yard, he said.

At around 9:47, Taylor arrived and started an altercation that led to her pulling out a .38 revolver and firing a shot into Brown's abdomen, police say.

She fled, but Taylor caught up to her and fired five more rounds into her, Turner said.

Brown laid near a mailbox at 8126 Magnolia Drive until an emergency rescue team arrived and transported her to Southern Regional Medical Center, he said.

She was pronounced dead after some surgery, Turner said.