Respone to a letter on Jonesboro

To the editor:

I read in the April 4, 2005 News Daily a letter to the editor about how they have lived here for over 10 years and the city is thriving. I'm sorry when I visit the city of Jonesboro, Georgia I see probation offices, law offices, for sale signs, rental signs, abandon property, Adult Novelty store, Pawn shop and then banks and churches.

Which a large amount of the old houses are owned by the church and are used for the church. I see traffic in the mornings and afternoons going form North Main Street all the way to the end of South Main Street both starting and ending on Tara Boulevard. The old time historic town has nothing to offer. No Little coffee shop to sit out and play checkers and shoot the bull.

I ran into the city manager at a restaurant a week ago and we said hello and I wanted to tell him of one of the dedicated Fireman and Firewoman that had been with Jonesboro had lost there daughter and he looked at me and said who? And when I went to tell him who he walked away like I did not exist and went on about his chatting with his friend.

A small town like Jonesboro when you mention a fellow citizen you would hope most of us knew there names or something about them. This hurt me in a way. I have lived in Clayton County 43 years and as big as it has gotten those of us that have been around still know our neighbors by name.

We feel for them when tragedy strikes and we are there for them when a helping hand is needed. That showed me how Mr. Walker not being from around here does not know his fellow Jonesboriansé. The non support of Mayor Day is not just because of the fire department it is from the disrespect of the community. I'm sure she has done well in some things. But the things that are happening now are the ones Jonesboro is trying to speak their voice on.

Jonesboro needs to concentrate on the citizens who live there now and pay taxes now and not try to promote tourism. Take care of what you have and stay the nice friendly little town you have always been. Why is everyone in such a rush to be the George Jetsons? What is wrong with being a small community where you feel safe and we all know each other. The new park at Masingile with the play ground is a nice idea. But with all the traffic and fumes from the vehicles I'm not sure I want my child to play there. I tried to have lunch there one time and it was not nice and quiet. Noisy noisy noisy. In the letter you talk about Jon Walker writing grants and getting loans etc.. If that is his job why did they hire a finance officer also? And why was his starting salary so high? Maybe for a community like Peachtree City or a nice big community. But one as small as Jonesboro which is barely over 2 miles. Why so much? Any way I think if you think Jonesboro has a lot to offer. You need to take a stroll down the sidewalks if you can find themé and be careful you will probably be ran over by all the traffic

Wanda Vaughn

Life time Resident of

Clayton County