Cab driver, other driver involved in road rage incident

From staff reports

What started out as road rage resulted in a taxi cab being chased, crashing and the driver being thrown from the vehicle and held at gunpoint until the police arrived. There were also allegations of gunshots being fired at one of the two vehicles.

No arrests had been made Monday as the investigation continued, but a Clayton County Police report stated that both drivers were being treated as both victims and suspects until the investigation is completed.

The two drivers gave widely varying accounts of the incident that started Monday at 2:11 a.m. on I-675.

Miles Boyd, 30, of Ellenwood told authorities he was driving on the interstate when his vehicle was struck by a Stockbridge Taxi Co. cab driven by Gaydrick Barnes, 24, of Morrow. He said the cab tried to flee, he gave chase and the driver left the interstate crashing into a telephone pole on Grant Road in Conley. Boyd said Barnes then tried to run away so he held him at gunpoint on the ground beside his cab until police arrived.

Barnes was taken to Atlanta Medical Center for injuries he received in the crash.

Barnes said he was traveling south on the interstate when Boyd pulled up behind him and began tailgating him. He said Boyd pulled a handgun and brandished it and he was fearful because of "road rage" and quickly tried to get off the interstate but "clipped the front end" of Boyd's vehicle. He said Boyd then chased him onto Grant Road where he lost control of his cab which hit a telephone pole. He was thrown from the cab. Boyd then "ran up to him, pointing the gun and said he would shoot him if he tried to go anywhere," Barnes told police.

By the time authorities arrived, Boyd's gun was on the front seat of his car, the investigating officer said.

During the chase, Boyd may have fired at the fleeing cab, Barnes said. A second investigating officer said Boyd in a phone conversation later denied firing at the cab, but the officer found a bullet hole in the cab. The officer then asked Boyd if he found the bullet would the ballistics match his gun. The officer said Boyd then said, "Yes, it would." But Boyd denied shooting at the fleeing cab saying he fired into the ground and may have fired several shots after the cab had wrecked. The officer said Boyd then asked the officer if "he had shot" the cab driver.