Salary increases await governor

By Justin Boron

Several state legislative bills to increase the pay of court officials in Clayton County could cost the county government an additional $102,741 a year, according to a Clayton County financial analysis.

Legislators justified the raises, saying they would bring court officials salaries on par with other metro Atlanta counties.

"Clayton County judges make about $6,000 less than Henry County judges, and they carry twice the workload," said Rep. Gail Buckner, D-Jonesboro.

County Commission Chairman Eldrin Bell has said the raises will be difficult to bear.

Only the proposed raises for the district attorney failed to pass both sides of the Legislature. All others await the governor's signature.

According to the county financial analysis, the new salaries would be: Superior Court Judge $143,245.37; District Attorney $132,471.10 ; State Court Judge $136,083.10; Solicitor $76,413.06; Clerk of State Court $65,783; Clerk of Superior Court $87,966; Sheriff $89,450; Probate Judge $104,120.83; Court Reporters $22,800; Tax Commissioner $85,975.