Man shot in arm at apartment returns fire

By Ed Brock

A man who was shot in the arm during an altercation grabbed his own gun and returned fire.

Around 12:53 p.m. Thursday 22-year-old Christopher Gibbons and three other men were standing near a car parked in front of an apartment building at Rivers Edge Apartments on Tara Boulevard near Jonesboro when five other men approached him, Clayton County Police Capt. Jeff Turner said.

There was an argument and one of the men who had approached Gibbons pulled out a gun, possibly a 9 mm, and shot him in the arm. The five men then ran away while Gibbons retrieved his own gun from inside the apartment.

"As the five fled he shot at them four times," Turner said.

It's unknown if Gibbons hit any of the men. The man who shot Gibbons got into a silver Saturn driven by a woman and they sped away.

Gibbons was taken to Southern Regional Medical Center. He did not identify the shooter.

Ida Johnson, 62, lives two doors down from where the shooting occurred. She saw the men beginning to fight and when she heard the shots she hid in her bedroom.

Johnson was not surprised by the violence and said she had been telling the apartment managers and police that there was drug dealing and prostitution going on at the apartments next to her.

"For nine months I've been telling them. I asked to break my lease because I don't feel safe here," Johnson said. "They won't let you break your lease even if your life is in danger."

Johnson said she does plan to move when he lease ends.