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Springtime and whatever else - Rob Felt

Who doesn't love a good, hard sneeze?

Just eat the pancakes - Greg Gelpi

People are naturally lazy, so it bothers me when I watch as people go out of their way to bring others down.

Dumb terrorists, dumb bomb - Ed Brock

New news from Iraq: Terrorists are stupid.

There will be a DeLay in fixing ethics problem - Bob Paslay

The more I learned about and watched the late Arizona U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater the more I liked him. I know it is in vogue to believe all people like you are saints and all those from the other side are devils. Goldwater was a man who believed what he said and said exactly what he believed.

Out of every bad, comes good - Shannon Jenkins

Don't tell my editor, but I get cranky when I have to work weekends.

Lakers in 7th place going into final round

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April 19, 2005

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To the editor:

Pets of the Week

Anastasia is a 2-year-old, charcoal-gray domestic longhair. She has been spayed and all vaccinations are current. Anastasia was rescued from the "death row" list at Animal Control. Aside from being one of the most beautiful cats at the shelter, she is also one of the sweetest. She does well with other cats. For more information call the Clayton County Humane Society at (770) 471-9436. Visit to see other animals available for adoption.

CCSU tennis players earn PBC honors

From staff reports

Fugitive snagged in Operation Smash

By Ed Brock

Citizens committee members voice budget concerns

By Greg Gelpi

Hot dogs as ammo in the gas station war - Justin Boron

A buffet of fountain soft drinks, breakfast sandwiches, and hot dog bars loaded with fresh condiments - these are convenience store delicacies the battle of the gas stations has given us, more than anyone driving to or from work could ask.

Thanks to Bill Yoder for his coverage

To the editor:

Man in truck runs from police

By Ed Brock

Scuffle breaks out at hearing

By Ed Brock

Gas prices take a shallow dip over weekend

By Justin Boron