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Leveda Ann Smith

Leveda Ann Smith, 53, of Forest Park, Ga., formerly of Polk County, Tenn., died Wednesday, March 30, 2005, at her residence.

Stumbling into life's potholes - Greg Gelpi

Sometimes the potholes in life are literally potholes.

Area Catholics reflect as pope nears death

By Shannon Jenkins

The Internet is full of virtual dreams - Gerry Yandel

Don't tell anyone, but I'm gonna get rich from the Internet.

Bible thumping aside, juries follow own rules - Bob Paslay

I have served on two juries in my life, one a DUI case in magistrate's court and another civil case in big court in which a young guy hired to detail a car took it out at 1 a.m., wrecked it and got sued. He contended another car ran him off the road and the insurance lawyer contended he was just joyriding and lost control.

'Cops on Doughnut Shops' for Special Olympics

By Ed Brock

Legislative session adjourns a day ahead of schedule

From Staff and Wire reports

Rubbed the wrong way

By Ed Brock

Edward Madison Standridge

Edward Madison Standridge, 75, of Locust Grove passed away Thursday, March 31, 2005, at his residence.

Sad excuses for entertainment - Justin Boron

One thing people definitely need more of in their lives is Sylvester Stallone and Jeff Foxworthy. This seems to be the attitude of two cable channels that have become fail safes of mine for worthwhile programming when nothing else was on.

Kite to fly twice more with MRD Motorsports

From staff reports

Doors opens at archive facility

By Justin Boron

W. Fred Godwin

Mr. W. Fred Godwin of Riverdale, Ga. died Thursday, March 31, 2005, at his residence.

Chides Walker decision

To the editor:

If we can't get along, should we play alone? - Shannon Jenkins

Since we all can't seem to play nicely together, maybe we should be separated.

Take a moment, capture the essentials in your life - Tamara Boatwright

Quick, if it were needed by the police could you tell them your license plate number? Could you provide police with a detailed description of your child or spouse and a current, clear photograph?

Victim's family thanks everyone

To the editor:

Kidnap suspect returned to Clayton County

By Ed Brock

God issues statement on His catastrophe policy - Rob Felt

God gave a brief outline of his feelings surrounding catastrophe fallout Wednesday in a press release directed to media outlets around the world. The statement addressed specific instances where bystanders to accidents, fires and other fatal events thanked God afterwards that they were spared.

More than 25 involved in Kendrick fight

By Greg Gelpi

Pets of the Week

Solomon is a 1-year-old dachshund mix. He has been neutered and all vaccinations are current. Solomon is a sweet-natured little dog, and he seems to love everyone he meets. He plays nicely with other dogs, and would likely enjoy canine companionship in his new home. For more information call the Clayton County Humane Society at (770) 471-9436. Visit to see other animals available for adoption.

Rejects praise for Day

To the editor:

Arrests made in gang shooting

By Ed Brock

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Daytime-saving time begins Sunday

By Michael Davis