Teens die at party shootings

By Greg Gelpi

Two people were killed during unrelated shooting incidents at Clayton County parties this weekend.

Crystal Williams, 14 and a freshman at Forest Park High School, was shot in the back of the head and killed when one partygoer fired gunshots into the air and a car with several passengers then began firing into a crowd at a birthday party Friday night, Clayton County police Capt. Jeff Turner said.

In an unrelated incident, two men opened fire at a house party Saturday night, shooting four people, and killing one of them, according to Turner, who added that the killing could have been "pay back" following a school fight Friday night.

Several fights had broken out in the home on Stillwood Court in Jonesboro around 11:45 Saturday night.

"According to witnesses, someone yelled out 'snake' and everyone started to run outside," but waiting outside were a man with a handgun and another man dressed in fatigues with an assault rifle, Turner said. Both began firing shots, according to Turner.

Larry Bishop Jr., 18, of Jonesboro was shot multiple times and died Sunday morning at Atlanta Medical Center. Deshawn Marcus Womack, 20, of Jonesboro was shot in his left leg. Tshekidi Nesbeth, 16, of McDonough was shot in the left arm. One shot struck Lachanzny McCord, 16, of McDonough in his right leg.

Turner wasn't sure of the significance of the word "snake," but said it could have been a "warning system."

"It sounded like a setup, but I don't know," Turner said, adding that it could have been "pay back" following a school fight Friday.

A member of the AMP Squad hit a member of the Southside Mafia with something, cutting his mouth, at Mundy's Mill High School, he said.

Friday night's shooting took place at a birthday party for 15-year-old Sha-La Harden on Conley Drive. Turner said that 150 to 200 people were at the party when people began fighting inside the house.

"A fight broke out inside the home, so the mother and daughter started to tell people the party was over," he said.

At that point, Turner said, one of the people involved in the fight began firing gunshots up into the air outside the home. A white or silver Monte Carlo drove up moments later, and someone inside began shooting into the crowd.

One of the shots, it isn't known at this time which one, killed Williams, a Forest Park High School freshman. She was airlifted to an Atlanta hospital Friday night, and died Saturday morning, a day when she was supposed to be competing in a track meet.

Turner said there are no suspects as of Sunday and that no one at the party has been "cooperating."

"I guess they're scared," he said.

Leola Perry, 58, who lives next door to where the party was held, said her bedroom window is next to the home's driveway.

"I heard the arguing, then I heard the gunshots," Perry said. "I just fell to the floor. Then, I heard more gunshots."

Looking through her window, she said she saw the teen-agers at the party "scatter," running down the street, through yards and behind houses.

"I was just scared to death," Perry said. "I just thought a lot of people may have gotten hurt, especially hearing so many gunshots."

Turner said that about 20 shots were fired during the incident.

Naudia Williams described her sister as a "beautiful person." She had a nice smile and matching sense of humor, Naudia said.

Added Crystal's cousin, Tonya Campbell, "You couldn't leave the room and not know Crystal."

The Associated Press contributed to this story.