I want to think like a girl - Ed Brock

The headline of this column may well have you questioning my sexual orientation.

I don't care. I want to think like a girl and any man with a lick of sense should feel the same.

Long, long ago it was good to be a man. Particularly in those prehistoric days when physical strength was almost all-important. At that time we men earned our dominant position in that nascent human society.

Or at least we were better able to hold that position through physical brutality.

Also, for the past 10,000 years of human civilization men maintained their dominance because life was still very physically demanding and, later, simply because we had been dominant for so long and used that dominance to maintain our gender's power.

Not that women didn't rise to power during those times. It just took an exceptionally strong woman because male-dominated society was designed to contain women in a box.

But gradually things have changed, and women simply have the upper hand.

There's an article in the May edition of Scientific American that details the latest research in the differences between the brains of men and women. And according to that article the differences tend to favor modern woman.

For example, one study showed that women have a greater density of neurons in parts of the temporal lobe cortex associated with language processing and comprehension. Thus, it would appear that it's no myth that women have better language skills then men in general, and we all know how important verbosity is in our society.

Then there's the study that shows that women handle long-term, chronic stress better then men. At the same time, men respond better to acute, short-term stress, like the kind you get in a war or hunting or some other physically dangerous activity.

But it's the chronic stress that kills men in modern society, I believe.

The "Scientific American" article left some hope for men. There's that thing about how we deal with acute stress. Also, men apparently are more likely to navigate by "dead reckoning" while women tend to use landmarks.

I think that could be useful for hunting buffalo on an open, featureless plain. People still do that, don't they?

Also, men seem less likely to develop anxiety disorders then women. They discovered this by an extremely cruel experiment (performed in Germany where the standards of cruelty differ from ours) in which the mad scientist types separated some Degu pups from their mothers.

The Degu is a social South American rodent that resembles a prairie dog and this kind of separation is emotionally stressful for them. The vicious researchers did allow the wee pups to hear their mother's call during their separation. The little boy Degus developed more serotonin receptors as a result of hearing the call but the little girl Degus did not, and we all know what that means.

You don't? Well, it means the female Degus pups were more anxious.

Anyway, it's clear that, over all women are better equipped for modern life, even if they are more anxious about it. And since I now live in a house full of women, I'm going to study their ways and seek to emulate them.

But I won't wear pink.

Ed Brock covers public safety and municipal governments for the Daily. He can be reached at (770) 478-5753 ext. 254 or at ebrock@news-daily.com .