Sheriff suing to get back CSI unit

Justin Boron

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill said he has filed suit to restore his office of the crime scene investigative unit moved under the county police's authority last year.

Looking to capitalize upon a federal judge's ruling in the discrimination suit against him, Hill quoted the U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Thrash and told the commission it could not take away his employees.

"These employees were not your employees and you did not have the authority to move them," he said.

County Commission Chairman Eldrin Bell, who was not in office when the transfer occurred, said it is a dead issue.

"That unit has been moved and remains where it is," he said.

Commissioner Wolé Ralph planned to propose a reversal of the transfer when he took office and before Hill dismissed 27 sheriff employees on his first day in office.

Ralph at the time said he believed the move made by the previous commission was "malicious." But he also said it wouldn't be prudent to move employees in or out amid such a tenuous situation in the Sheriff's Office.