Scott to run again?

By Justin Boron

His face is on a billboard and some of his supporters have worn political buttons displaying his name.

But Lee Scott, a Clayton County political baron and husband to the district attorney, said he still isn't sure whether he will run for commissioner in 2006.

For more than two weeks, his picture and the word "commissioner" underneath it have overhung Tara Boulevard.

Scott said the sign advertises his "interest in the commission."

"We're just in a planning and consideration mode," he said.

If Scott does decide to run, it would be for Commissioner Charley Griswell's district four seat.

Griswell also said he is undecided at this point on whether he would run for re-election.

Scott failed to win the same seat in a 2002 runoff after he led Griswell in a tight Democratic primary by 47 votes. Griswell toppled Scott by more than 600 votes in the runoff.

In 1998, the two also ran against each other in the Democratic primary. But after losing the primary, Scott actually threw his support behind Griswell in a runoff.

Scott said he didn't run in the most recent election because he had high hopes for incoming elected officials.

"I did not want to run at the time because I thought (County Commission Chairman Eldrin Bell) could bring the community together," he said.

Scott has been vocal critic of Bell since the chairman's first days in office.

Griswell, who has sat on the Board of Commissioners for a sum of almost 24 years, said he thinks he still has the political and demographic base to be successful.

"It has changed a lot. It changed a lot when I ran this last year," he said. "I just try to help people regardless of where they live."

Griswell also said there was a conflict in having a commissioner whose wife held another office in the county.

"He'd have to resign from that before he runs again," he said.

Scott said his platform if he were to run would include promoting peace and unity, combating crime, completion of recreation centers, and avoiding sensationalizing crime.