Letters to the Editor

O'Reilly's reasonings on terror off-base

Rational thought and conservative ideology are now mutually exclusive. Bill O'Reilly now has the audacity to connect a supposed decline in religious beliefs in this country and in Europe with our obvious failure to contain terrorism here and abroad.

Far be it from me, a person who never attends church but doesn't deny the possibility of the existence of a creator, to tell you that I don't need religion to determine right and wrong in this life. What is really starting to grate on me though is how conservatives always seem capable of speaking for our long-dead founding fathers in their efforts to support the "mandate" Bush supposedly got when elected and cram their beliefs down the rest of the country's throat.

The well-worn phrase "melting pot" is far more true today than it was even 20 years ago. In the interest of preserving diversity and personal liberty, enjoy your worship of God, just keep it to yourself. You don't have a monopoly on morality even if you think you know what it is and supposedly practice it.

- H. Dean Colfax


County not working on Ga. 20 gridlock

I would like to thank Sharon Schmidt for her letter ("Schools, roads - you name it, we need it," Aug. 7). However, I must say to her, "You must be new here, dear. We have been waiting for the widening of Ga. Highway 20 for more than 20 years!"

If any residents of southern Gwinnett County really want to get irate, I invite them to take a look at the northern extension of Satellite Boulevard. When I toured it, I found it leading to nowhere, with little development past Sugarloaf.

I could only wonder who owned that property, the value of which could only have been increased by the development of Satellite. I encourage all southern Gwinnettians to contact their commissioners and let them know that we are not going to return anyone to office who does not take notice of the gridlock on Ga. 20 and do something about it!

- Deborah Humphries


Tell the truth about Japanese atrocities

Where did all this wailing and breast-beating come from over the use of the atomic bomb against Japan? Where is all the wailing and breast-beating for the hundreds of thousands slain by the Japanese, senselessly and with barbaric pleasure? Let's tell it like it is and not the current "politically correct" version.

- Gwendolyn N. Jarvis