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I'm younger than that now - Michael Davis

They say it's your birthday. Well, it's my birthday too, yeah.

Best of cinematic persuasion - Justin Boron

Some of the greatest movies out there are the ones that have crisis management as the crux. I love watching some authority figure convincingly persuading a villain from blowing up the West Coast or assuaging bank robbers in a hostage situation.

Sub rescue exemplifies international cooperation - Ed Brock

This recent rescue of a Russian submarine and its crew of seven is a good example of the gradual melting of national boundaries.

Love us or not, but keep on reading - Bob Paslay

There is a funny Doris Day movie in which she is pregnant and is being rushed to the hospital in a friend's car and they get stuck in traffic and eventually the frantic friends have to deliver the baby in the car. The main thing I remember about it is they are rushing around looking for the proper stuff to have and someone says to use a newspaper to wrap the baby in it. It has been a long time since I have been the movie, I can't even remember its name, and so my recollection may be a little flawed.

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Illegal immigration must be stopped


August 10, 2005

Brown's last first day

By Johnny Jackson

Of weddings and web pages - Rob Felt

It had been at least an hour of sitting in front of the glowing screen hunched over, before I fully realized the trouble I may be in. Fingers curled over the keyboard and moving a hundred miles an hour, I'm trying to save my presence in cyberspace and the security of my wedding at the same time.

Letter to the Editor

July 7, 2005

Pets of the Week

August 4, 2005

Recovery agents busy in Clayton County

By Ed Brock

Morrow officers suing city

By Ed Brock

Renewing your reasons for working - Aisha I. Jefferson

This weekend I was reminded of what a privilege (and a headache) it is to have to sit down in front of my computer once a week to write this column.

Christian Academy to open for new school year

From Staff Reports

Kite ready to visit Kentucky Speedway again

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The joys of being an adult, making decisions - Shannon Jenkins

In every life, adult decisions must fall.

The pictures of our life - Zach Porter

Upon going anywhere for a trip, long or short; New York City or the Arizona desert, I think not so much about what I will see, but how I will capture and interpret what I see. Sure, I will enjoy my visit but capturing it with a picture will be the greater joy; without which the whole trip would seem to be for not.

Shame and the first time around the block - Michael Davis

I am ashamed. Thoroughly ashamed.