Jonesboro's Maehlman set to pull double duty as head coach

By Yasmin Neal

Serving as head coach of two sports.

That's the position of Jonesboro High School's Dan Maehlman. Maehlman has been the Lady Cardinals' head volleyball coach since asked to coach the sport in 2000, when volleyball started in Clayton County.

At that same time, he was already the assistant coach for the varsity boys basketball under the, then, head coach Mack Cain. He was coach Cain's assistant for seven years, up until last year, when Cain left Jonesboro to go to Northgate High.

Once Cain left, the administration offered the job of Head Coach to Maehlman.

"It has been my ultimate goal to be a head basketball coach." Maehlman said. Now, Maehlman is the head coach of volleyball and varsity boy's basketball.

With both positions in place, it is now Maehlman's time to put his best foot forward, times two.

"This summer was hectic, and my first year doing both programs in the summer. Both teams came in all summer working out in the gym and in the weight room, and I would schedule them one after another.

With basketball, we played around 50 games this summer(three camps) and [with] volleyball, we played around 15. So I only really had about a week off in the summer when I was doing nothingé but it was well worth it because we got much better over the summer in both sports." Maelman said.

Maehlman appreciates the fact he does not have any personal responsibilities that would deter from his heavy obligation as a head coach.

"[I have been kept] very busyéwith keeping my athletes in shape. I am extremely excited about out upcoming seasons, because I have great kids on both teams and they are fun to work with because they work so hard. I am determined to keep the strong tradition of good athletics going here at Jonesboro High, and I will do everything I have to do to be successful. "

With the beginning of the new school year, Maehlman has adjusted and his life has remain unchanged.

"My life has really not changed because I have always worked hard, the only thing that has changed is my responsibility."

Maehlman leads the Lady Cardinals' volleyball team into its first game on August 18 at Henry County High School.

A year ago, Maehlman's squad posting an undefeated regular season and finished with a 33-2 record. The Lady Cardinals' only two defeats came in the Class AAAA state tournament.

Jonesboro is the two-time defending Clayton County volleyball champions, and it hasn't lost a regiular-season match since the 2003 season.