Letters to the Editor

Illegal immigration must be stopped

I am greatly concerned with the number of illegals coming into America through not only Mexico but also Canada and Cuba.

I think it's time to seal our borders. A 12-foot double-row chain-link fence should be in place along our borders to force anyone coming into our country to come in the correct way. There are many places illegals are sneaking in through Texas and other areas of our southern borders as well as along our border with Canada. The ones coming from Cuba shouldn't be given automatic asylum just because they're from Cuba.

The illegals are playing havoc with our Medicaid and state health care systems. They live with two, three or more families per dwelling not designed for that many people, causing hardships on the neighbors and city governments.

It's time to put a stop to this type of freeloading. Most illegals send most if not all of their money back to their home country and don't pay income taxes let alone contribute to the Social Security system through payroll deductions.

Honest American taxpayers are being cheated by this system, and the federal and state governments must put a stop to this.

Federal and state assistance must not be given to illegals. It's wrong and it's time America woke up.

- J.F. Ross


Political correctness has run amuck

The NCAA has marginally exceeded the ACLU in producing political correctness gone wild by decreeing that colleges with American Indian logos or mascots must eliminate them before starting in 2006 post season athletic play; otherwise they will be ineligible for the championship playoffs. Such schools (about 18 in number) also would be barred from hosting postseason play.

Never mind for example that the Seminole Indians in Florida endorse the "Florida Seminoles" complete with mascots or that a multi-year survey by Sports Illustrated found that 73 percent of those polled found nothing offensive. If I were an American Indian, I would feel honored to be cast in such a favorable light.

And if such a prohibition is good, just where do we draw the line? Might not persons of religious bent find offense with the Duke Blue Devils or the glamour set with the Georgia Bulldogs? Then we have all kinds of animal lovers who could be offended by logos such as the Wildcats, Tigers, Lions, Hawks, Falcons, etc. When it comes to the "Fighting Irish," which part has the greatest potential to be offensive? Fighting to peacemakers or Irish to the British?

I also must give the ACLU due credit for offensive correctness for threatening to sue New York City over random searches of subway passengers baggage. An exactly opposite approach is most appropriate here in that racial profiling of Arab/Muslim men would target almost all of those carrying out terrorist attacks on the Western World in the name of an erroneous interpretation of the Quran.

The protection of the masses and survival of the nation must always have priority over individual rights during periods of national crisis. Anything less is pure madness.

- Jay Wagner

Stone Mountain