Letters to the Editor

Sometimes it is cheaper to fly

You have an interesting take on the cost of gas today and fly vs. drive decisions in your Aug. 12 edition.

However the cost of gas is not how much it costs you to drive anywhere. The IRS allows 40.5 cents per mile as a 2005 Standard Deduction. This figure is more than just gas, of course. A car gets used up through wear and tear. The cost of depreciation, oil, belts, hoses, tires, filters, repairs and many other items were not calculated in your figures.

This misleads the public rather than educating the public. Many people think that gas is their only monthly budget item, and then an unexpected repair comes up and they have not saved money for it. I am confident that credit counselors would attest to this as a prominent cause of consumer debt.

So when I need to go 821 miles to Kansas City I will fly. This is because it would only cost me $212 on AirTran rather than the $332 to drive.

- Keith Nabb


Headline didn't do justice to soldiers

It will be appreciated by this long-term subscriber if you would confine your liberal bias to the editorial page.

The headline in today's paper (Sunday, Aug. 14), "Too many of these," could have easily come from the New York Times which never passes on a chance to undermine our brave soldiers in Irag. I can suggest what would have been a better headline: "Fallen soldier buried with honor."

- David A. Gibson


ID card kills two birds with one stone

It seems to me that an individual identification card could solve two pressing problems at once.

Specifically, a national identity card could resolve the voter ID controversy and provide a means for proving national identity status at the same time. It would provide positive identification to include fingerprint, photo and DNA. In this age of terrorism and some 12 million illegal immigrants, such a step is a vital necessity.

To those who object, I say those that do presumably have something to hide and warrant further investigation. Such concerns of invasion of privacy are of no concern to me.

- Jay Wagner

Stone Mountain