Commissioner says pick up grass and trash

By Justin Boron

Clayton County Commissioner Carl Rhodenizer says he sees too much trash and grass on the sides of streets in his neighborhood.

"They just need to know that they need to pick up the trash," he said.

Aside from making the county look bad, dumping of grass, trash, and construction materials threatens the county's infrastructure, said Wayne Patterson, the county director of transportation.

"The number one goal is to educate our people not to throw their trash onto (county right-of-ways)," he said.

Patterson said citizens being conscientious could save the county thousands of dollars a year in maintenance costs.

Grass cuttings and trash are responsible for much of the damage to the county's drainage problems and pollution of streams, he said.

Rhodenizer said picking up the litter also is a long term solution to repeated need for repairs to county's drains.

The county has implemented a program called "Clean Sweep" to help with the problem.

But Patterson said that is specifically for neighborhoods.

It doesn't clean up trash along the right-of-ways.