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Letters to the Editor

Senators should keep Constitution in mind

As senators prepare to scrutinize Supreme Court nominee John Roberts' qualifications, the Constitution itself should be foremost on their minds. For too long, Americans have been told that a Supreme Court decision is "the law of the land." However, the first sentence in Article I says that "all legislative powers" belong to Congress. If all legislative power is in Congress, then none is in the judicial branch of government. Thus it is unconstitutional that Supreme Court would make law.

Yet in a recent decision, the Supreme Court completely ignored the Constitution's clear stipulation that private property can be taken only for "public use." Five Supreme Court justices have told a group of Connecticut homeowners that their property can be taken so that a shopping center or industrial park can be built, in other words, for private use. This is judicial power run amok.

Yet the Constitution empowers Congress to limit the jurisdiction of federal courts and the Supreme Court. The House passed two bills that would protect the definition of marriage and "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance from federal lawsuits using such power last year, yet the Senate failed to act on either bill.

Those concerned about judicial activism should put pressure on their senators to co-sponsor Senate Bill 520, which will prohibit federal courts from hearing cases about God being acknowledged by federal, state, or local government.

- Lloyd Hamann


Giving money to beggars only adds to their problems

Don't people realize the money they give to beggars or panhandlers is not used for food? It seems to me that the majority of panhandlers are alcoholics. They won't work but go the easy route, begging for money so they can get alcohol.

It makes the person who gives money to the panhandler feel as if they've done something good, but it's allowing the panhandler to continue their lifestyle. Many beggars who have been offered work won't do it.

It would take more time, but people should give them food. Don't give cash to them.

- Rosie Higgins


Many businesses will be hurt by Bush

It's ironic that many of the corporations that supported President Bush so much during the last election are going to take it on the chin because of him.

Bush and the Republican Congress refuse to act on the speculators in the oil market, which is driving up the price. They even passed the so-called energy bill that gives oil companies even more money. There are many things they could do that would scare off the speculators, but they won't do anything.

This is the payback to big oil and big-money supporters. In the process, however, many businesses will be hurt if not destroyed, including the pleasure boating industry, the RV industry, high-ticket automobiles, RV parks, theme parks and the vacation industry.

People will spend less on everything because they have to put that money in the tank. A few supporters' paybacks will become a nightmare for everybody else. We are connected in many ways, aren't we? One needs to think carefully about whom they support - you just might get him.

- Terry Gilbreath