The joys of being an adult, making decisions - Shannon Jenkins

In every life, adult decisions must fall.

I almost miss the days where I could leave any major choices up to my mother or father. There was no reason to question them. They knew what they were doing.

Now I'm the grown-up. I get to decide what to do about every petty detail of my life.

Take, for instance, my car.

The poor thing is nearing the end of its life, and I've already decided to keep it until that time comes. But that wasn't a tough call to make. Although I'd love to drive around town in a new car with a sun roof and a driver's side door that actually opens from the outside, I'm just not willing to pay for it yet.

After five years of car payments, I finally sent in the last check in July. Besides the bank sending my title to my very old address in Mississippi (despite the fact that I sent the bank my new address recently), the car is officially mine.

Nothing makes a poor journalist happier than not paying a car note. Of course, free meals are high on our list. Now on to my decision-making dilemma.

My reliable mode of transportation needs work - a lot of work. Mechanics tell me flushes are necessary. Some kind of joint probably needs to be replaced. New tires are vital. With the exception of the tires, I'm sure I'll need all that work when I get old, too.

But my questions is this: "Where do I begin?"

Like my grandmother, I'm on a limited income.

Usually I just worry if I can really afford to eat lunch everyday. Now I have to worry about where to first spend hundreds of dollars on my car.

I don't remember signing up for these responsibilities. Yet they are mine to make. And so I've chosen to replace all my tires first. I figured if the joint goes out at least my new tires will hold up better when I go skidding off the road.

Ah, the joys of being a decision-making adult!

Shannon Jenkins is the education reporter for The Daily Herald. He can be reached at sjenkins@henryherald.com or (770) 957-9161.