The wonderful world of weddings - Chris Zimmerman

Weddings are wonderful aren't they? I think that may depend on what role you have in a particular wedding. Attending the wedding and reception can be very much fun and relaxing, but being involved in the actual planning can be another story.

I had a very big wedding a lot of years ago. Not only did my mom do all of the planning (I don't remember being much help), she made my wedding dress and made all five of my bridesmaids dresses. Actually my two other sisters and myself wore the same dress that mom made. I'm sure that is something unheard of today. I remember her sewing on seed pearls for hours not really realizing the amount of work she was putting into that dress.

The older and wiser we become the more we appreciate our parents, and what they did for us. The secret is to remember to tell them how much you appreciate everything that they did for you.

Before my first son's wedding, a very good friend of mine gave me some advice on being the mother of the groom: "Wear beige and keep quiet." That isn't exactly how it is when you are the mother of the groom, but after my future step-daughter got married this last weekend in Dalton, the groom's side really didn't have near the work as the bride's side.

I enjoyed every moment from having the shower in our home shortly after moving in, to running back and forth across Dalton when yet another thing had to be attended to. Turning around when the wedding march is played and watching a very beautiful young woman come down the aisle, and seeing a young couple very much in love repeating their vows, made every stressful moment and sleepless night well worth all of the work that goes into the planning.

I may need a week or two to recover, but will start anxiously awaiting my final son's wedding in the future. I'm just glad that all I have to do is wear beige and keep quiet for that one!

Chris Zimmerman is the general manager of the Daily Herald. Her column appears on Thursdays. She can be reached at (770) 957-9161 or via e-mail at czimmerman@henryherald.com .