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Suspicious package found in Jonesboro October 8, 2015


Sheriff moves plaque, creates tension

By Justin Boron

A plaque bearing the name of Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill's predecessor, as well as a former official with whom he often squabbled, has been removed from display at the Harold R. Banke Justice Center.

The plaque commemorates the dedication of the facility in Jonesboro that is home to the county's court system, jail, and Sheriff's Office.

Former County Commission Chairman Crandle Bray's and former Sheriff Stanley Tuggle's names are on the plaque, which also includes the building's architects.

The removal adds another point of contention to a political climate that has abated and reintensified several times since Hill fired 27 deputies on his first day in office.

Hill has fought with commissioners over his budget, the transfer of authority over the crime scene investigation unit to the police department, and his right to hire and fire as he sees fit.

Hill declined to comment on his actions, calling the story "idiotic."

"I'm no longer going to let myself be distracted by idiotic stories," he said.

County Commissioner Charley Griswell said Hill needed to stop acting childish.

"I just think it's time that the sheriff grows up and starts acting like a person that is responsible," he said.

Griswell also said the sheriff cannot legally rearrange things in the building.

"The commissioners are in charge of the space," he said.