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Best of cinematic persuasion - Justin Boron

Some of the greatest movies out there are the ones that have crisis management as the crux. I love watching some authority figure convincingly persuading a villain from blowing up the West Coast or assuaging bank robbers in a hostage situation.

Wal-Mart could set up on either side of county line

By Justin Boron

Johnathan C. Hopper

Mr. Johnathan C. Hopper, age 18, of Jackson passed away Aug. 17, 2005. Johnathan was born October 25, 1986 in Atlanta; was a member of New Testament Baptist Church in Ellenwood; was an avid outdoorsman, loving his time spent fishing and hunting, and was a fun loving person.

Going to the dogs - Michael Davis

We've all seen them. On the wall in the barber shop, our friends' rumpus rooms.

Repairs, upgrades continue at AMS

By Michael Davis

County schools well ahead on limiting soft drinks

By Aisha I. Jefferson

You are free to leave - Ed Brock

People in this country like to talk a lot about freedom and how happy they are to have it.

Letters to the Editor

Bush afraid of grieving mother

My heart goes out to Cindy Sheehan and anyone who has lost a loved one to this manipulation of our current administration. Everyone knows why President Bush won't meet with Ms. Sheehan: He is afraid of facing the obvious question about this assault by our country. I remember at the beginning of this "war on weapons of mass destruction" he said we were going to get Osama bin Laden and the axis of evil. Well, no bin Laden, no weapons of mass destruction, only loss of many American lives. Do these people want to be free? I think they just want us to go away.

This is Vietnam all over. Don't we learn from our mistakes? And the so-called "fair and balanced" Fox News has its spinners out trying to make Sheehan look crazy. All of the press is out of control. They are not fighting the good fight. Where are the Woodward and Bernstein reporters of days gone by?

- Sally Spelbring


Chambliss wrong on immigration

For those of us who have long watched and listened to Sen. Saxby Chambliss ("Chambliss: We'll tackle immigration," Aug. 12, Page 1A) spout his political dissembling about being strong on immigration enforcement recognize that he has decided to support amnesty for untold millions of illegal aliens who have broken our immigration laws. There should be no doubt in anyone's mind that Chambliss plans to do absolutely nothing about illegal immigration except to call it something that sounds more friendly to illegal aliens.

So Chambliss wants to issue something called a blue card that would allow illegal aliens to stay temporarily (in a pig's eye) if they are proven to be law-abiding and are not taking jobs away from American workers. Folks, this supposed blue card is simply a way to grant the amnesty he says he does not support.

First, most illegal alien criminals routinely change their IDs and names. Secondly, based on past experiences, there has never been a successful program to verify that there were no Americans willing to take specific jobs.

Even with high-tech work visas for supposed skilled foreign workers, that provision has proven impossible to enforce. Saxby knows all this, but he has become so beholden to his deep-pocket agricultural backers and developer contributors that he is now incapable of admitting these truths.

Saxby Chambliss, like all too many politicians, has become much too attached to his Senate seat and obviously will do anything to keep it. His attitude has become American jobs be d-----, if Sax can only keep his seat.

I will do my small part to remove his title of senator.

- Gene Wade


Riverdale perfects effort against N. Clayton

By Doug Gorman

Saving a slice of history for all to savor - Bob Paslay

I was raised in a mid-size Southern town called Spartanburg in South Carolina. We boast of Marshall Tucker, Marshall Chapman and textile magnate Roger Milliken. There are some very smart, friendly people and some fine colleges. But the public officials have always been real yahoos when it comes to any concern for history and preserving history.

The joys of being an adult, making decisions - Shannon Jenkins

In every life, adult decisions must fall.

Pets of the Week

Beauty and Beast are 4 years old. Both are black with white markings, and both have long hair. They have both been sterilized and are current on vaccinations. Beauty and Beast are brother and sister, and have been together since their birth. As small kittens they were adopted by a single man, who kept them until last year when he decided to marry. His new wife refused to allow him to keep the cats. They moved to a new house, and left these two pitiful babies in the basement of the old house, totally alone except when they went in to feed them, for 6 long months. By the time the pair ended up with Clayton Co. Humane, they were frightened and severely traumatized. It has taken much time and patience to convince these cats that they were finally safe and with people who truly love them. Though still a little frightened of strangers, they have become very loving and affectionate with the staff at the shelter. Humane society staff firmly believes that the cats will adjust well in a new home, but it will be necessary to keep them together, as they are very bonded with each other. In order to allow them to stay together at the shelter, they are currently living in a very small, cramped space. Because of their inadequate living quarters, it is imperative that these cats secure a permanent home very soon. VERY SPECIAL adoption fee will be considered for anyone interested in giving these angels a chance at a real home and family. For more information about Beauty and Beast, please call Robin at 770/478-7531. Visit to see other animals available for adoption.

Panthers get back on track after winless 2004

By Yasmin Neal

Letter to the Editor

July 7, 2005

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I'm younger than that now - Michael Davis

They say it's your birthday. Well, it's my birthday too, yeah.

The truth about cats and dogs - Aisha Jefferson

I was on my way to work Tuesday morning, when I decided to change my earrings. So I grabbed my jewelry box and proceeded to look for a festive, colorful pair of earrings that reminded me of dangling confetti.

The wonderful world of weddings - Chris Zimmerman

Weddings are wonderful aren't they? I think that may depend on what role you have in a particular wedding. Attending the wedding and reception can be very much fun and relaxing, but being involved in the actual planning can be another story.

New football coaches set to make debuts

By Doug Gorman