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The Gucci Mane case - Justin Boron

Police just don't understand that they can't stop Gucci Mane.

Mary Ruth Martin

Mrs. Mary Ruth Martin, of Cumming, died Thursday, August 25, 2005. Mrs. Martin was a member of Coal Mountain Baptist Church. She was preceded in death by her husband Earl W. Martin, her parents Troy and Maude Sorrells and her brothers and sisters-in-law. Rev. Garland and Jeanette Sorrels, John Hugh and Ailene Sorrels, W. T. Sorrels and Robert Sorrells.

Henry on pace to out-size Clayton by 2022

By Shannon Jenkins

Adult education programs provide plenty of opportunities

By Johnny Jackson

PM's buzzer 'not constructive' - Michael Davis

So the prime minister of Thailand thinks he can put the kibosh on questions he doesn't like to answer from reporters, does he?

Penning my name in the ledger - Rob Felt

On the second floor of the Fulton County Courthouse there's a hallway with a small sign that reads "Marriage Licenses" and has an arrow that points to the right.

Traffic delays expected again this weekend

By Michael Davis

Letters to the Editor

Thanks to many for help

On Tuesday in the 5 p.m. traffic on Buford Dam Road during a severe thunderstorm, it was absolutely amazing the number of men and women who tried to help save our neighbor's two dogs that freaked out from the thunder, left the comfort of their home and escaped through their fenced yard into the traffic.

To the kind lady who opened her car door and captured one of the rain-soaked dogs and drove my wife home. To the man who stood out in the pouring rain and others who opened their car doors in an effort to help corral and capture the other dog, only to watch the dog dart out and get hit by a driver who did not stop. To the lady who offered a rug so we could sling the dog for lifting into the car and another man who offered to help move his injured body. All the people who patiently waited in their cars while we scooped the dog from the pavement. The neighbor who kindly called her veterinary clinic telling them a nonpatient accident victim was coming in. All the veterinarians and techs at the Animal Hospital of North Gwinnett and Animal Emergency Center Gwinnett who tried to save this little dog' s life.

In spite of all the efforts, the dog died during surgery. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of these caring people.

- Richard Brown


Creativity pulses through local artist's veins

By Shannon Jenkins

Former Jonesboro coach leads Fayette past Cardinals

By Yasmin Neal

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You are free to leave - Ed Brock

People in this country like to talk a lot about freedom and how happy they are to have it.

Pets of the Week

Josie is a one-year-old, tortie domestic medium-hair. She has been spayed and all vaccinations are current. Josie was originally abandoned at the humane society shelter, left in a box at the front door. She was adopted very quickly and went into a home with another cat already living there. After just a few months, Josie's new mom returned Josie because the other cat was refusing to accept Josie. Josie is a very friendly cat, and has done well with other cats living at the humane society. For more information, please call Clayton County Humane Society at (770) 471-9436. Visit to see other animals available for adoption.

The truth about cats and dogs - Aisha Jefferson

I was on my way to work Tuesday morning, when I decided to change my earrings. So I grabbed my jewelry box and proceeded to look for a festive, colorful pair of earrings that reminded me of dangling confetti.

Eagles return to flight

By Doug Gorman

Brief commentary on purpose of war, the ends - Johnny Jackson

People are nuanced, but many people seem to unnecessarily discriminate the particulars when it comes to the United States-led war in Iraq.

Yawl come visit now, you hear ... (please stay away) - Bob Paslay

The late, great humorist Lewis Grizzard said the difference between the two words naked and nekkid is that if you are naked you aren't wearing any clothes and if you're nekkid you aren't wearing any clothes and are up to no good.