Brief commentary on purpose of war, the ends - Johnny Jackson

People are nuanced, but many people seem to unnecessarily discriminate the particulars when it comes to the United States-led war in Iraq.

Continually, Americans draw lines and separate themselves according to their causes and their views about the war. And little is ever resolved in the clashing tale.

Even the purpose in the war seems carelessly and shamelessly diluted and fuddled to antagonistic audiences for fodder. But there are people who do not agree with that buzz-worthy purpose transcribed and transmitted to them through national medium that either beg you to see the fallen today or ask you to remember them from Sept. 11, 2001.

So, it seems your view on the war depends on which side of that timeline you fall and which pulls the most emotion from you. On either side, you are no less a patriot.

There are people who adamantly disagree with war in Iraq, but agree with the ends. That is, they still support and believe American troops fight and die in Iraq with purpose.

Now, there is dissidence to a seemingly ill-thought-out war. Afterall, the war has uncovered no stockpiles of WMD. There is no pursuit toward anything directly pertaining to the tragedy we call 911 in Iraq; reportedly, there is none. And likely, more insurgents were created than were discovered in Iraq. Indeed, American troops in Iraq are likelier to describe themselves as Iraqi liberators, than WMD inspectors and 911 avengers. And then, there are casualties in war.

To be sure though, there are positives in this continuing tale. While the U. S. is building hospitals and schools in Iraq, enough hospitals and schools are struggling in the U. S. to validly argue against building them elsewhere. But the nation's struggles have rarely muffled its outgoing humanitarian efforts and doubtfully ever will.

More than that, a dictator is gone from power in Iraq. And that, in theory, leaves way to make Iraq a freed democratic nation that could affect a more stable Middle East that is able to refuse terrorism and tyranny – a start, at least, in combating mass organized terrorism.

In all, there is one entity that keeps Americans consummately involved in this tale. American troops are working hard abroad – as they always have – in mind to make the world safe for democracy.

There is the purpose that has outlived its buzz-worthiness. There is the reason that teems in support of the ends in this tale. And there is the sameness among seeming enemies who are patriots here in the same country.

In the end, we support our troops. Let's begin there.

Johnny Jackson is the education reporter for News Daily. He can be reached at (770) 478-5753 ext. 265 or at jjackson@news-daily.com .