Letters to the Editor

Bush didn't lie about Iraq

I am tired of hearing that our president dragged us into a war by lies. First of all, to set the record straight, the war did not begin when we invaded Iraq, or even when we invaded Afghanistan. As a matter of fact, Sept. 11, 2001, was not the first time we were attacked. Terrorists have been attacking Americans again and again long before 9/11.

George W. Bush was the first president to do something about it. My Bible tells me to turn the other cheek, but we are not told what to do after that. Would you sit watching your TV while someone forced their way into your home and assaulted your family?

Some folks have suggested that we should have let the U.N. deal with Iraq. That is a joke! To start with, the very name - United Nations - is a contradiction. They are certainly not united. There are people who want to reform the U.N., but I suggest that we get out of the U.N. It is a definite danger to our sovereignty.

There is also the fact that Bush is accused of lying about the weapons of mass destruction. He did not lie. He was told that there were weapons of mass destruction. The fact these weapons were not found does not prove that they did not exist.

Really, I believe in my heart that these terrorists will continue to do their evil deeds until the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ returns. I pray for the safety of our brave young men and women every morning before I get out of bed as my wife and I pray together at the start of each day. May God bless them, our president and our great nation. God bless the U.S.A.

- John J. Taylor


Headline honored slain soldier

Last week, I wrote and you printed a letter criticizing your choice of a headline that in my opinion placed an anti-war slant on the funeral of one of our soldiers who was killed in Iraq. Having criticized you for liberal bias, allow me to express my thanks for the headline honoring Sgt. Michael Stokley's death in Iraq ("'Such a great soldier,'" Aug. 28). It is truly appreciated by those in your readership who do not believe that the way to deal with a religion that is set upon our deaths or conversion to its beliefs is to attend diversity training.

- David A. Gibson


Chambliss selling president's propaganda on immigration

The Federation for American Immigration Reform warned us that W was going to start spreading his manure around. Saxby Chambliss' comments in the Gwinnett Daily Post ("Chambliss: We'll tackle immigration," Aug. 12) are just a forerunner of things to come.

Chambliss has become W's propaganda minister in Georgia in an attempt to sell W's guest-worker amnesty program to people that Chambliss thinks are too ignorant to know better.

Let's look at what Chambliss is saying so we can better repudiate the garbage that he is spreading on W's behalf. Chambliss said Congress needs to find middle ground on immigration reform between deporting illegal immigrants and giving them a blanket amnesty. There is no middle ground, Saxby. You either uphold and enforce the law or you don't. It's as simple as that. By the way, Saxby, it is a violation of federal immigration laws and a felony offense to be in this country illegally.

Chambliss said, "We can't simply close our borders. We don't have the manpower to do that. If illegal immigrants are here for the right reason, let's figure out some kind of accommodation." Translated this means:

1. We don't have a president with the backbone to sign an executive order that would place U.S. troops along the border with Mexico with the authorization, when necessary, to use deadly force to prevent illegal entry into this country. 138,000 troops in Iraq? How about 138,000 troops along the border with Mexico?

2. We don't have a president with the backbone to tell Mexico's President Vicente Fox that the United States does not welcome illegal immigrants.

3. We don't have a president with the backbone to uphold and enforce the federal immigration laws of the United States of America.

4. We have a president whose solution to the illegal immigration problem is to make the illegal immigrants legal with a guest-worker amnesty.

- James H. Orr Jr.


Care appreciated at Glancy

Recently, I had surgery at the Glancy Outpatient Center in Duluth. I could not have had better care from anyone, anywhere than I did there. The citizens of Gwinnett County are very fortunate to have such a great medical facility to serve them.

I wish to personally thank the following nurses: surgical interview, Melanie; pre-op, Jan; operating room, Nonie, Barb and Gina; phase-one recovery, Gari; and phase-two recovery, Heather.

- Howell E. Allgood Jr.

Sugar Hill

Sign police not welcome here

Sign police? Give me a break ("Fight against illegal signage picks up steam," Aug. 14). We live in a county where serious crimes such as gang violence, drugs and home invasions are on the rise every day. Is this their idea of fighting crime, or do they just enjoy stealing other people's property? Don't they do the same thing in communist China?

- Steve Nichols


FairTax questions are answered

In reading Allan Burns' letter to the editor on the FairTax ("Sales-tax plan should get more scrutiny," Aug. 26), I can tell that he hasn't read the book or visited the FairTax Web site.

Most, if not all, of his questions could be answered by doing this. The worst decision you can make is an uninformed decision. It really is called the FairTax for a reason.

- Ricky West