Letters to the Editor

Mill Creek football headed for success

Last year, I wrote a letter to the editor that predicted success was ahead for Mill Creek High School. My letter was predicated on the job coach Matt Hanley and his outstanding assistants were doing in developing the eighth-grade football players that would feed into and ensure the future success of the Mill Creek program.

As of Friday night, Mill Creek is 2-0 with eight games remaining on the 2005 schedule. Whether they will win another game or win all of their remaining games, I do not know. When you put 15-, 16- and 17-year-old young men on a football field on any given Friday night, anything can and usually does happen. However, now that I am indirectly involved with the Mill Creek program, I firmly believe that the best is yet to come for Mill Creek football.

I believe this because of the bedrock foundation coach Shannon Jarvis and his outstanding assistant coaches have laid as they build the wall known as Mill Creek football.

The most important thing is that the character aspect of the program is not being overlooked. When you sit in the stands on Friday nights, you are possibly looking at the next generation of leaders for our county, state and nation. Jarvis and his staff realize this. They know that one day after the stadium lights are turned off and the scoreboard goes dim, these young men will play in a game that is far tougher than any game they ever played on a football field. It is called the game of life, and it is tough. It is kind of like football as there are wins, losses, time-outs and penalties, but the playing time is much longer than that on a scoreboard clock.

I firmly believe that Mill Creek will become the flagship high school of Gwinnett County in Class AAAAA athletic competition. I go on record as saying that when the 2008 season rolls around, that Mill Creek will be in the state playoffs.

- James H. Orr Jr.


Lawmakers must take on illegal immigration

When it comes to illegal immigration, there is no middle ground. Are we a country devoted to the rule of law or not? The opposite of law and order is anarchy. If illegals are offered a way to stay in the U.S., that is amnesty. It is also a sure way to accelerate America's decline into third-world status. Unless our leaders grow a spine and start to seriously enforce our immigration laws, our country is dead. It is the Congress's fault that we are in this mess, and now Chambliss proposes that we Americans learn to live with it.

The United States has been steadily importing an underclass for the past 20 years. This has had a devastating effect on our country, our culture, our language and our standard of living. Americans at the lower levels of the economic ladder have not seen their wages rise in many years and now they are also suffering from racial tensions as their cities have shifted dramatically in their racial demographics.

It is irrelevant if illegals are here for the "right reasons." Their presence here costs us billions every year. When an illegal gets a job, a legitimate worker goes on welfare. This is hardly a good deal for the American taxpayer. Add to that the enormous bill of educating illegal aliens and providing for their health care and pretty soon we are talking about real money. The costs associated with the destruction of America's culture and language are intangible.

- Malena Mueller

Tucson, Ariz.