New guy to tackle new town

By Brian Howard

At some point in time, many have experienced being the new kid in town.

Whether it is moving to a new school, new town or new direction in life. For me, it is moving just three hours down the road, from South Carolina to Georgia.

The task, if I chose to accept it, is to cover 18 high schools and be the best that I can be. Not too much to ask for, but certainly am up to the task.

But I have news for many, it will take some time for me to get it right, from knowing each high school, to knowing the mascots, to the players names.

So let me introduce myself a bit, to let you know where my journey to Georgia originally started.

I was born in Akron, Ohio and spent 18 years in the area, before attending college at Ashland University, which is a small Division II school.

After graduation, I left Ohio for Arkansas to begin my sports writing career.

To put some things into perspective, the town I lived in wasn't too big, but had plenty of high school sports to keep me busy.

During my journey in Arkansas, I got to interview former NBA player Joe Kline and former NFL player Keith Jackson, which I still consider my favorite interview.

After a year and a half in Arkansas, I traveled back North to West Virginia.

Unlike my travels to Arkansas, West Virginia was extremely small, covering three high schools (one of which was across the border in Maryland) and a junior college (Potomac State). I enjoyed this opportunity because of many different reasons, including getting a chance to see the University of West Virginia play football against Miami and Boston College.

Almost a year and a half inside of West Virginia, I decided it was time to move on. That place was South Carolina.

I have to be honest, I love the hot weather more than the snow, so I thought that was a perfect fit.

Instead of covering high schools as my primary beat, I got to cover Lander University, which plays in the tough Division II Peach Belt Conference.

I attended the Peach Belt Conference basketball tournament the past two years and have been on the field for the spring football games at South Carolina and Clemson.

Two and a half years after arriving in South Carolina, I have now landed in Georgia.

During my journey's, I have followed the likes of Ohio State, Arkansas, West Virginia, Clemson, South Carolina and now Georgia and Georgia Tech.

Before the debating begins on what school - Georgia or Georgia Tech - I like, take into consideration that I have been a diehard Ohio State Buckeyes fan for as long as I can remember and circle one particular game (Michigan) each year on the schedule.

Sports has always been a passion of mine. I have tried nearly every sport and can't wait to tackle the issues of everyday life inside of Georgia.

Brian Howard is a sports writer for the Daily and his column will run weekly on Wednesday's. He can be reached at bhoward@news-daily.com