Letters to the Editor

Buy vehicles made, assembled in U.S.

I've got a newsflash for Ford and General Motors.

Although I fully realize that many auto parts are not built in our country, I plan to start buying American-made or assembled cars again but I want my cars assembled in this country. I prefer not to buy a car made in Canada and certainly will not buy a car made in Mexico.

I would rather buy a Honda or Toyota assembled in this country than buy a GM or Ford made elsewhere. Got it, Ford and GM?

- Ernest Wade


Public education can't be abandoned

Chris Weinert assumes school vouchers cause people to have more choice where they send their kids to school, which causes competition, which in turn increases the quality of learning ("Competition would help raise standards," To the Editor, Dec. 2). In actuality, this is not what would happen. Economic and management research and theory shows when faced with competition companies increase financial commitment to beat the competition by improving the product or service. Since public education is not a profit-making business, it has no other resources to increase financial commitment with.

Furthermore, vouchers would decrease financial commitment since it removes money from public education funding, which would lower the standards of public education for anyone who could not afford private education. This would be a tragic and ethical flaw for our society.

It would also be another tragic flaw if public school has to alter its lesson plans to reflect public opinion in consumer choice rather than researched methods of education that are proven to work. One such issue at the top of public debate is undermining the scientific method, because some evidence does not coincide with some people's personal beliefs. I encourage people to find education outside public school or faith-based education along with public education in a private setting if they choose.

However, we cannot let public education fall into a decline or allow its curriculum to be renegotiated by consumer demand alone.

- Clay Kimbro

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