Letters to the Editor

November 30, 2005

Renaming road after Parks is disrespectful

To the editor:

In response to those who want to rename Tara Boulevard after Rosa Parks, I can't believe you would be so disrespectful. When I hear mention of Tara Boulevard, I don't think “good” at all. Would you want to name a street after your mother that is lined with massage parlors (spas) - (many have been busted as houses of prostitution), Pawn shops on every other corner (places for burglars to readily get cash for their stolen goods), adult video stores, used car lots that take advantage of the poor, and extended stay motels that are doing nothing more than drawing crime to the county. I could go on, but won't.

Is this some way to honor someone who deserves better? I am a white male raised in the 50's and 60's when black people rode in the back of the bus and white people were in the front. I never understood why, but I sat where I was supposed to just like the blacks did what they were “supposed to”. I drank out of the “white” water fountains because that is what the signs said and blacks drank out of the fountains labeled “colored”.

I admire Rosa Parks for what she did and what she stands for. I think to rename a street like Tara Boulevard after her is totally disrespectful to her. She deserves better.

If we don't turn Clayton County around, I don't think there will be anything in the county I would want my mother's name attached to.



Grider responds to Walker who responded to Grider

To the editor:

Since Jonesboro City Manager Jon Walker is a relative newcomer and a nonresident of the city, it is understandable why he is confused about the budget adoption process the city has practiced for a number of years.

According to the City Council Minutes, the city budget for the year 2000 was not approved by the council until Feb. 14, 2000. The budget for the year 2001 was not approved until March 12, 2001. I can't find a record of when the council approved the 2002 budget but the minutes do reflect a budget hearing to be held March 4, 2002. The 2003 budget was not approved until Feb. 10, 2003. The 2004 budget was approved in December 2003.

The 2005 budget was also approved in December 2004 but this was when the city was dismantling the Volunteer Fire Department and the Sanitation Department. They did not want to give the people ample time to mount effective opposition to these moves.

The facts are that the budget can wait until the following year to be approved, as has been demonstrated over the years. One can only wonder why the rush to approve the budget by years end is so important to them now. Beware!

Maybe this is why people are dissatisfied with Mr. Walker's performance. He seems to have a difficult time getting his facts straight.

Roger Grider