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Candy from strangers - Paul Frysh

Midnight Berry, Warm Winter Toffee, Twista Lime, Mintrigue, Mocha Taboo, Mandarin Mint.

You can shop early and its never too late - Jeffery Whitfield

It begins. Starting at the crack of dawn, beginning at 5 a.m., the morning when the motor is turned off. Though the car engine never got hot after it left your driveway for the short drive, steam still radiates from under the hood, between the joints of the car's metal frame after it's parked at the shopping mall.

Selling 'Buddha' and Saddam's underwear - Michael Davis

You can find the coolest things on the Internet. Music, movies, books ... and weird stories of all ilks.

Clayton State splits conference games

From Staff Reports

Bad service is the customer's fault - Rob Felt

Have you received any bad customer service lately? Yes? It's your own fault.

Police cracking down on non-compliant taxis

By Ed Brock

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On being all grown up - Heather Middleton

Sometimes it can be difficult to remember your little sister and brother have grown up just as you have and they don't need 'mothering' anymore.

Hey where's my senior citizen discount? - Bob Paslay

OK, so sue me. I've given in to the coupon craze. I never paid much attention to them in the past. I bought things with mail-in rebates but seldom ever mailed anything in.

Killing time until Christmas - Ed Brock

Now that we have that pesky Thanksgiving out of the way we have about four weeks until Christmas.

'Photograph' may be a sappy classic - Johnny Jackson

Apart from their usual brunt tenor, the rock band Nickelback finally created some semblance of classic music in their latest album single simply named ‘Photograph'. That is to say that the band, even with the same resonance of past albums and singles, has formulated a tasteful mix of song and music that would otherwise sound trite and frankly annoying.

Learning Loop to open in January at Georgia Aquarium

By Jeffery Whitfield


December 5, 2005

Letters to the Editor

November 30, 2005

The cardigan sweater is a fashion mystery for me - Justin Boron

While I can't speak for how everybody else feels about this article of clothing, I can say in my impression few have mastered it. I certainly haven't. Off the top of my head, Mr. Rogers and Kurt Cobain are two people to have adorned themselves with the awkward garment in an unusual grace and unique style. (Seriously, I thought of these two off the top of my head, and after some research into the sweater, to my surprise, I found that confirms it, listing both the late songwriter and children's storyteller as two of the most "notable wearers of cardigans.")

Pets of the Week

Gilmore is a black domestic shorthair. He is approximately 18 months old, and has been neutered and vaccinated. Gilmore was abandoned; left behind to fend for himself when his former family packed up and moved without him. At first, very frightened and shy, Gilmore has become very secure and comfortable, and meets no strangers. He is extremely friendly and will go to great lengths to get a little attention. He does well with other cats. For more information, please call Clayton County Humane at (770) 471-9436. Visit to see other animals available for adoption.

BOE to hear update on Lewis Academy of Excellence

By Jeffery Whitfield