Jonesboro group calls for mayor's resignation

By Ed Brock

Jonesboro residents who are circulating a petition calling for the mayor's resignation showed up at city hall to make sure they will be heard at Monday's city council meeting.

The group, Jonesboro Pride, is also asking for Jonesboro City Manager Jon Walker to be fired. Group members Anne Wise and Nancy Coffman were seeking to be put on Monday's agenda to present the petition to the council, and on Monday Coffman asked City Clerk Joanie Jones what she needed to do for that to happen.

"We did exactly what they told us to do," Coffman said.

But as Tuesday's 5 p.m. deadline for submitting the information drew near, Wise and the others seemed to grow nervous that they would not be added to the agenda.

"I called today and was told by City Manager Jon Walker that we'd have an answer by tomorrow," Wise said. "The reason we want this to be on the agenda is because we wanted it on the minutes."

Wise, Coffman and group members Jon Crane and Nancy Reeves went to city hall Tuesday evening to make sure their application was accepted.

Walker said it is city policy not to release information on the agenda items before it is released Wednesday morning.

"We'll consider (the group's application) tonight," Walker said.

Tuesday night the group was meeting to gather support for their movement.

Part of the group's dissatisfaction with Mayor Joy Day and Walker stem from the city's recent decision to disband the Jonesboro Volunteer Fire Department last month. But Jonesboro Pride member and former volunteer Ed Wise said that's not all.

"That was just the straw that broke the camel's back," Wise said.

The city's decision to out-source garbage pickup is one of the other reasons.

Wise said there is no count on the signatures on the petition yet, but they'll announce it on Monday.

If the petition is presented, Day said she has no intention of resigning but will continue to do what she thinks is right for the city.

"I have a commitment to the city," Day said. "My commitment to the city hasn't changed."

Day also said she thinks the issue has gone beyond the decision to close the fire department, but she hesitated to say that it was a personal grudge.

"I don't know. I don't understand it," Day said.

Monday's meeting will be held at the Jonesboro Police Department Headquarters on Main Street with a work session at

6:30 p.m.