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Cold front rolls in, pushing fog out

By Ed Brock

Monday night's heavy fog was disturbing in more than one way.

"It was like a scary movie," said Kayla Billups, a student at Clayton College & State University in Morrow.

"It reminded me of a Friday the 13th movie I'd seen," said Billups' friend Jason Williams. "I kept thinking Jason was going to come out and get me."

On a more practical level, the fog created hazardous driving conditions for some, including Williams, Billups and their friend and fellow CCSU student Evony Harris.

"When I was driving I couldn't see the traffic lights. I couldn't see the cars in front of me until they were five feet in front of me," Harris said.

The fog started rolling in the early evening and by midnight had thickened considerably.

"We had a lot of low level moisture over the entire southeast United States," said Kent McMullen, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in Peachtree City.

When the humidity level reached 100 percent and the temperatures dropped,

the fog formed.

A cold front was predicted to move into the area today that would bring drier air, thus reducing the chance of fog.

Shyla Ridley of Riverdale said she got lucky and was home before the fog moved in.

"I did talk to someone who said it was very bad out. They were on their way home," Ridley said. "I encouraged them to just be careful."